Napa Valley Animal Rescue & Adoption Resources (Napa Valley A.R.A.R.) was created after the devastating firestorm in October 2017. We are free web-based news and information service dedicated to promoting animal welfare. We share local news stories as well as information about Napa-based animal organizations. These organizations provide emergency care, rehabilitation, placement and adoption services for pets, farm animals and wildlife in the Napa Valley. Many of them also promote animal and environmental education. 

Would you like to adopt a new pet or farm animal? Have you come across a wild or domestic animal that needs emergency care? Would you like to know more about volunteer opportunities in the area? We can help! Explore our resources to find the right organization for your needs and visit our blog for the latest updates including information about upcoming community events, educational classes, and other animal-related news.


Did we overlook an animal adoption or rescue resource in the Napa Valley? Let us know! Send us the name of the organization along with a link to their website and we'll be more than happy to include them here.

Napa Valley A.R.A.R. is a free online service provided by locals who love Napa's pets, farm animals and wildlife. We hope it will be a useful information hub for anyone that cares about animal welfare. 

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